Buy with Crypto

Buy with Crypto Instructions

1. Enter the amount in USD you're willing to purchase $CENT tokens.

2. Select a currency from the dropdown, ensure to choose the currency with the correct network.

3. The network will be displayed once you select the currency.

4. Ensure to enter your receiving (BEP20) wallet address before clicking on Buy. This will be the address where $CENT tokens are received.

Payment Process

1. After the payment tab opens, you can either scan the QR code to make the payment directly or copy the address to make the payment.

2. Please do not close the payment tab before the payment is successful.

3. Once you have made the payment, wait until it's confirmed on the blockchain and it's as success on Nowpayments.

4. After the payment is successful, you will be redirected back to the ICO portal and you can check your holdings amount by clicking on the "Purchased Tokens" button.